Book 2 of the VocabCafé Series:

I.M. for Murder

By Josh Burk

When an innocent internet prank goes awry, a group of young teens find themselves in potentially deadly circumstances. Danger, mystery and a serial killer lurk around every turn. 

The Best Book Series Your Kids Will Ever Read

With VocabCafé you can NOW easily build your vocabulary through reading! 

Painlessly learn difficult vocabulary words inserted within the context of an exciting story. Each VocabCafé novella contains 300 words specifically chosen to improve language skills. Reading is now both fun and educational. Stop wasting precious time on fiction books that don't enhance your knowledge. 

No longer do you have to interrupt your reading to look up the definition of an unknown word. Immediately, find the literal definitions at the bottom of every page. Discover how easy it is to remember new words with instant reinforcement by using the vocabulary review page at the end of each chapter.

Communicate more effectively by having a vocabulary storehouse that's a level above the rest.

With more words at your disposal, you can write A+ essays and speak like a literary genius. Overcome the weird vocabulary questions on standardized tests with your newfound word power!  


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